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Strategic Hospitality Management I: Formulating Strategy

Credential Earned: 

Course Focus

The most successful hospitality managers and leaders are able to see their properties or companies from a strategic perspective. They use this skill to differentiate themselves from their competition and create value for their customers and for the organization. This course develops these skills by introducing key aspects of strategy formulation with an emphasis on the strategic management process, business direction, and an assessment of the broad external environment. The strategic management process is used as a framework to establish a clear organizational direction and set objectives. Participants use the process to monitor, forecast, and adapt to environmental forces that are difficult or costly to influence.

This course defines and distinguishes strategic decisions from operational decisions and focuses on a deliberate strategy-creating process. Participants develop the skills and techniques necessary to prepare mission and vision statements for their firm, communicate that direction internally, and strategically evaluate trends in the external environment.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is designed for leaders at hospitality properties, including department heads, executive team members, current and aspiring general managers, and mid-to-senior-level management at corporate offices.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Formulate a strategic vision and mission for directing their organization
  • Communicate their organization's direction
  • Perform an assessment of the general external environment


Estimated Hours to Complete Course: 6.0

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