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5G Strategy Certificate

Credential Earned: 

How are you preparing for the next wave of digital transformation? Revenues from 5G wireless technologies are anticipated to exceed $230 billion by 2025, offering dramatic improvements over previous generations of wireless communication and enabling significant business opportunities for applications never seen before.

From fixed broadband markets to B2B applications such as smart cities and Internet of Things (IoT), this program will explore the capabilities of 5G and identify innovative products and services you can develop to better meet the needs of customers.

To help ensure your 5G-enabled innovation is successful, you will develop strategies to grow your network of users so you reach the critical mass needed to launch that network and create value for your users. You’ll also have the opportunity to analyze the ecosystem of companies that influence 5G applications — suppliers, competitors, complementors — and determine how to differentiate your technology effectively. Finally, you’ll explore how to create a sustainable business model and protect your product from threats such as competitor imitation or substitution, ultimately positioning yourself for success in this rapidly growing market.

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