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Accounting Certificate

Credential Earned: 

Accounting is one of today’s fast-growing professions, with numerous career path options. This certificate program will help you establish an in-depth understanding of foundational accounting principles and how to apply them in practice.  

In the courses, you will construct and interpret accounts of revenue, accounts receivable, inventory, assets, long-term debt, and equity. You will have the opportunity to examine the rules for financial statements and learn how the field of financial accounting has evolved over time to meet the needs of businesses.  This understanding of core financial accounting principles will enable you to independently analyze an organization’s financial standing and viability as well as understand when organizations are using gaps in accounting rules to their financial advantage.  

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to converse confidently in the language of finance and present a company’s financial performance to internal stakeholders as well as investors, creditors, suppliers, and customers. This knowledge will help you inform the strategic decision-making process using concise and relevant financial data appropriate to your audience in any industry.

Please note this program references US Financial Accounting guidelines.  As such, all forms may not be exact for those who reside or conduct business outside the United States, however the principles remain the same.




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