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Anything but Common: The Hidden Life of the American Crow

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Anything but Common: The Hidden Life of the American Crow

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This course is all about the remarkable lives of American Crows. Taught by world-renowned crow biologist Dr. Kevin McGowan, who has worked with a banded population for decades, you’ll get an inside look into what makes them so compelling—from their complex social lives to their impressive problem-solving skills.

  • Explore the rich family lives and surprising social networks of crows
  • Confidently distinguish between crows and ravens using our identification tips
  • Get an insider's perspective on what we know about crow intelligence

What's Inside:

You’ll enjoy 10 instructional videos packed with facts and stories to help you understand life from a crow’s perspective, 7 SnapIDs to hone your crow and raven identification skills, 3 quizzes to reinforce your learning, and just for fun, an exclusive exercise that challenges you to distinguish individual crows.

Completion Time:

3 hrs estimated

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