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Be a Better Birder Basics 1: Size and Shape

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Be a Better Birder 1: Size and Shape

The first in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Be a Better Birder series, this self-paced course draws directly on the knowledge and expertise of Cornell Lab birders and ornithologists to help you learn bird identification through expert tips and interactive quizzes. Throughout you’ll be practicing the key skills of using size and shape to take your birding skills to the next level. 

What's inside: 

This course combines animated slideshows with interactive quizzing to help you develop strategies for bird ID. You’ll learn to use a bird yardstick because, in the bird world, size really does matter when it comes to identification. You’ll also learn how to organize the many species of birds, whether they be waders, ducks, or perching birds and how to make those distinctions by noticing shape. Check what you’ve learned with audio flip books, interactive illustrations, quizzes, and more.

Instead of frantically trying to remember every detail when you spot a bird, it helps to step back and zero on what’s most important. Size and shape are key characteristics to notice and learning to interpret how they stack up will transform your birding skills. Get to know just from a silhouette whether it’s a dove, woodpecker, or finch. This course features 6 lessons containing 4 videos, 4 interactives, and 8 quizzes. You can choose to earn a printable certificate by passing the final exam.

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1.5 hrs estimated

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