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Be a Better Birder: Duck and Waterfowl Identification

Credential Earned: 

Learn to identify ducks, geese, swans, loons, grebes, and more with Cornell Lab ornithologist Dr. Kevin McGowan. Based on our popular webinar series, each lesson in this self-paced online course features a video tutorial followed by exercises and quizzes designed to help build your ID skills

  • Develop strategies for identifying birds at a glance from a World Series of Birding champion. 
  • Get to know all the common waterfowl in North America species-by-species. 
  • Practice your skills with photo and sound-based ID Challenge quizzes.

This course features lessons containing more than 3 hours of video instruction, 21 quizzes, and 2 puzzles. Bird enthusiasts of all levels will benefit from the expert ID tips throughout. You can choose to earn a digital badge and a printable certificate by passing the final exam.

You’ll come away knowing:

  • How to categorize waterfowl
  • How much variety you can expect to see
  • The most important things to look for, and what to ignore
  • How to avoid common misidentifications
  • ID strategies for all common North American species
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