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Be a Better Birder: Sparrow Identification

Credential Earned: 

Be a Better Birder: Sparrow Identification

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

With a world-class instructor and exclusive learning tools, this course will transform your sparrow identification skills.

  • Packed with expert tips on tricky IDs
  • Get to know each species with Keys to ID and a video portrait
  • Plenty of practice opportunities with the SnapID tool

What's Inside:


Learn with short training videos for a total of 4+ hours of instruction. Train for field conditions with 5+ hours of photo ID practice. Hone your birding strategies through Keys to ID and comprehensive quizzes after each lesson. Absorb gestures and song through video portraits of each species. Have the sparrows at your fingertips with 4 free ID poster downloads.

Completion Time:

16 hrs estimated

Optional CEU Credits:

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