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Building Guest Loyalty

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Course Focus

How your guest perceives their experience with your operation impacts your profitability; it is not the only thing but it is one of the biggest factors that operators can influence to drive revenue growth.

Loyal repeat customers are key to the success of any food and beverage operation. They represent recurring revenue and are a great source for feedback and gauging customer sentiment. They can also be your greatest evangelists, recommending you to friends and colleagues, even giving favorable online reviews.

Through careful design, meticulous attention to service processes, and a way to gauge customer sentiment, you can play to your team’s strengths and identify opportunities for improving the guest experience to grow your business.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is ideal for individuals involved in the operation and financial performance of a restaurant or food and beverage service, from line-level employees through general management; individuals who are new to the food and beverage industry and need to learn more about the specifics around restaurant operations; and students from every continent and from a diverse range of organizations, including franchisees, managed service contractors such as stadiums or arenas, hospitals, airlines and caterers. Students who do not work in restaurants but need to be conversant in operations of food and beverage providers will also benefit from this course.

Topics Include

  • Defining standards of performance that impact guest experience and creating a competitive advantage
  • Identifying service recovery strategies that satisfy guests and prevent problems from occurring again
  • Identifying opportunities to improve how you are gathering, interpreting, and utilizing guest feedback to improve guest loyalty


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