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Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management

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Well-structured hotel real estate investments create value and provide benefits to all partners in a deal. To create well-structured agreements, you need to understand what is motivating the property owners, operators, and lenders. But successful hospitality and real estate management doesn’t end with a successful deal; it requires managing the agreement’s execution effectively to achieve strategic asset goals.

This certificate consists of six two-week courses that will give you the knowledge needed to understand the financial and operational aspects of hotel asset and real estate investment management. You’ll examine leasing agreements to learn about valuation and explore financing, equity structuring and exit strategies. By the time you’ve completed the program, you’ll know how to develop a superior hotel real estate management and execution plan.

This program equips mid- to senior-level hospitality and real estate managers with the perspectives and tools they need to handle the multiple stakeholders and complexities involved in real estate and asset management contracts.

The courses in this certificate will equip you to…

  • Estimate the value of a proposed hotel using a variety of methods
  • Structure hotel investments that meet the needs of all parties
  • Evaluate a proposed franchise agreement
  • Know how to analyze management contracts from owners and operators
  • Perform a market study for a particular property
  • Use an income approach to produce an estimate of market value
  • Manage the tools of modern finance to create value
  • Understand the role of public equity and private equity in capital markets
  • Develop a strategic vision for asset management
  • Create asset management plans for a property’s long-term needs
  • Know the role of benchmarking in hotel asset management
  • Utilize industry-standard tools to benchmark expenses and revenues

Certificate Information

This certificate has 6 online courses requiring ~36 hours to complete.

Note - Financial Analysis of Hotel Investments must be taken first. This certificate is a prerequisite for the PDP Advanced Hotel Real Estate Certification.


Who Should Take This Certificate Series?

This certificate series is designed for hospitality professionals with financial or operational responsibilities within their organization as well as lenders and investors involved in hospitality real estate projects.

Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management

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