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Certificate in Restaurant Revenue Management

Credential Earned: 


In this certificate you will learn that strategic restaurant revenue management is a critical ingredient in your recipe for profitability. But using a proven system to manage key dining variables has impacts beyond revenue—it has a ripple effect on customer service. Creating optimal dining flows, table mixes, and pricing helps you meet customer needs better than ever before.

This certificate program consists of five two-week courses that cover the fundamentals of successful revenue management, providing practical guidance for implementing a restaurant revenue management strategy. Learn to optimize occupancy, table mix, meal duration, and pricing. Then, bring it together with a proven process for implementing a revenue management strategy that boosts profits. Finally, learn additional tools for diagnosing and resolving operational problems and for improving the customer service experience.

The courses in this certificate will equip you to

  • Create an income statement that records the information that is critical to your specific type of restaurant
  • Interpret your data, identify trends, and catch issues that can have a positive or negative impact on your operation
  • Analyze your financial and performance information to identify, implement, and evaluate improvement solutions
  • React to the advantages and disadvantages of a restaurant reservation system
  • Analyze and identify the factors that will help you improve occupancy rates and control meal duration
  • Develop the skills you’ll need to determine each stage of the customer’s dining experience
  • Apply strategies to accommodate arrival patterns and manage occupancy and meal duration
  • Provide guidance on how to implement strategies that will be most profitable
  • Use variable-pricing approaches to develop recommendations for improving revenue

Certificate Information

This certificate has 5 online courses requiring ~30 hours to complete.


Who Should Take This Certificate Series?

Foodservice professionals from hotels, chain and independent restaurants, and other hospitality outlets responsible for their organization's financial performance and looking to advance their careers.

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