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Data Privacy Strategy Certificate

Credential Earned: 

With the expansion of regulation and consumer protection mandates, data privacy has emerged as one of today’s most urgent and complex marketing and technology issues. It’s now something for which every organization must develop an effective strategy. 

Many countries have passed restrictions on how marketers can use data in order to protect customers. While this can limit the business value of data, there are solutions that can enable you to provide data protection while also maximizing the data’s business value.

In this certificate program, you will explore your organization’s data privacy journey. This starts with examining the types of data you collect and the privacy risks associated with this data. In particular, you will focus on privacy challenges that arise in customer relationship management and digital marketing data, along with possible solutions. Next, you will examine privacy policies of today’s leading companies and audit your own company’s privacy policy. You’ll have the opportunity to calculate various accuracy metrics to measure loss of business value due to privacy approaches such as aggregating or anonymizing customer data. Finally, you will explore emerging issues with newer forms of data such as text, geolocation, images, and IoT data.

Throughout this program, you will calculate accuracy, uniqueness, privacy violations, and other metrics that will enable you to implement appropriate data policies and strategies that will enhance privacy while minimizing negative impacts to your business. 

To be most successful in this program we strongly recommend having prior experience in statistics or marketing analytics.


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