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Data Visualization With Python Certificate

Credential Earned: 

The first step in developing an effective data visualization is not simply entering data points to create the graph or chart. The actual starting point is identifying what exactly you want to communicate or what specific narrative the data can provide. 

This certificate program will lead you through the process of creating meaningful data visualizations and provide you with new methods to make and modify your visualizations programmatically with Python. The courses in this program equip you to use best practices in both coding and visualization — as well as human attention and perception — to find, present, and narrate an organized story behind your data clearly, accurately, and faithfully. 

In organizations everywhere, professionals who hone this skillset often become some of the most in-demand and invaluable members of teams and are well positioned to experience growth in their careers. 

This certificate program is a mix of 2-week and 3-week courses. The three core courses span 8 weeks, then your elective courses will span another 6-9 weeks depending on your choices.



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