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Design Thinking Certificate

Credential Earned: 

In this program, you will master a robust, human-centered approach to designing and improving products, experiences and systems at any scale. Working with a team of student peers, you’ll start by defining the problem or challenge you seek to address and then gather key user insights and emotions that will help you develop personas and user narratives based on empathy. From there, you’ll move into idea generation and rapid prototyping for potential solutions and improvements. Informed by testing and analysis, you’ll learn to iterate on and refine your prototype using design thinking methodology to ultimately generate a rigorous, viable solution to your challenge.


Throughout the courses, you will leverage systems engineering tools that are tightly integrated with the traditions of design thinking to create a constant interplay of intuitive and data-driven decision making. You will also have the opportunity to bring the group project and your peer relationships with you as you move through each of the courses in this program.



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