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Engineering Management

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Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

Do you have a hunger to learn? Don't have time to go back to school full-time to earn your master's degree? We can help.

Cornell’s College of Engineering, the preeminent engineering school in the Ivy League, is offering a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Engineering Management via distance learning. This program is ideal for you if you've entered the workforce and want to earn your master's without taking a break in your employment.

As more and more engineers pursue master's level education, the demand for master's programs is increasing and will rise dramatically in the coming years. Many of those prospective master's degree students are engineers who already have professional jobs, and who want to pursue a professional master's program without leaving their employment. For these mature students, part-time study - often based on distance learning - is a necessity and that's where we come in.

An explosion of technological advances is continually transforming the way we live and do business. Engineering managers and the people they lead play a significant role in shaping the development of these technological advances, and the course of the societal transformation they are fueling. Through the countless strategic and operational decisions they make, engineering managers guide the development of technology in the production of goods and services that fulfill commercial and social needs. An organization’s most valuable engineering leaders possess both the engineering expertise to understand the technology they are managing, and the business and people skills to lead the effective development of that technology.

Cornell University Engineering Management Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) is a Blended Learning degree program for a part-time, 2-year period designed specifically for working professionals with 2 or more years of experience, who are looking to build their engineering management skills and move ahead in their careers. The program would be predominantly delivered online and asynchronously to allow students to continue working full-time from anywhere in the world. This online degree would be delivered in 5-week segments of online coursework, punctuated with two one-week intensive sessions on campus.

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