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Fostering a Culture of Service Excellence

Credential Earned: 

Course Focus

In this course you will learn to distinguish between the various components of a service culture and assess your current service environment. Using a case-based approach, this course will illustrate the importance of developing a strong service culture. You will reaffirm the importance of communicating a clear vision to both internal and external customers and share vision statements for your ideal service culture that reflects your organization’s key values.

Finally, you will identify workplace challenges and formulate an action plan to close gaps between specific components of your current and ideal service cultures.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is appropriate for new and experienced middle managers from service-based organizations; managers and leaders from functional areas who are responsible for serving external and internal customers; and individuals belonging to service-oriented organizations ranging from hotels and restaurants to healthcare facilities, financial institutions, small businesses, and retail establishments whose staff or unit is responsible for providing a consistent and high level of service.

Topics Include

  • Defining service culture and identifying the strategies used by culture leaders
  • Defining the characteristics and expectations of your target market that enable you to focus on activities that will delight customers
  • Describing an ideal service culture for this market
  • Assessing the effectiveness of each component of your service culture to plan for continuous improvement
  • Developing an action plan for enhancing your service culture based on your assessments


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