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Healthcare Change Management Certificate

Credential Earned: 
Healthcare delivery continues to be in a state of constant change and as a result, today’s healthcare leaders must transform the way their organizations respond to and lead change initiatives. Leaders must not only be able to lead their organizations through change, they must be able to successfully interact with multiple affiliated entities. Professionals need to successfully manage and lead people through change initiatives to transform their entities to meet the demands of tomorrow’s delivery systems. Leaders must be able to master the quantitative and qualitative approach to innovation in the healthcare setting, focusing on the levers of strategy, measurement, leadership, and culture. In this certificate, professionals will reset their thinking around how best to understand, measure, implement, and lead successful change initiatives. Leaders must also understand the impact that culture has on organizational success. As a result of this certificate students will learn strategies that can impact their confidence, self-efficacy and as a result, their job satisfaction.
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