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Hotel Back-of-House Design

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Course Focus

While guests may not see much of the “back-of-house” areas of a hotel, the functions these areas serve are critical in full-service hotels. The rooms division must clean and support guestrooms; the kitchen and wait staff must prepare and serve fine food and beverages; the front office and administration staff must extend hospitality to guests and keep reservation and operational processes running smoothly.

This course takes participants behind the scenes to consider the unique needs of back-of-house areas, discussing a range of principles that will help ensure effective planning for these important functions.

From her wealth of experience as a hotel designer, lecturer, and author, Professor Stephani Robson guides you through a range of videos, activities, and tools that will help you apply best practices to back-of-house design.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is appropriate for architects, interior designers, and hotel consultants interested in gaining an understanding of the challenges and considerations involved in full-service hotel design; owners/developers and construction managers for whom full-service hotels represent a new building type; and architecture students who want to develop a specialization in full-service hotels.

Topics Include

  • Identifying and applying principles for effective back-of-house planning
  • Considering the necessary elements for efficient rooms division support
  • Identifying best practices for successful food and beverage support
  • Assessing the needs of administration and front office spaces
  • Determining optimal staff and goods flow for dock and employee areas


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