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Initial Hotel Planning Decisions

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Course Focus

An essential aspect of hotel design is the early planning decisions that owners, developers, and designers must make. These include addressing the needs and opportunities of the target market prior to the detailed design of specific parts of a hotel.

This course will prepare participants to contribute effectively to initial decisions relating to full-service hotel planning, helping to ensure that later design decisions will take into account the target customer, the lodging product to be provided, and the associated allocation of space.

Professor Stephani Robson, an expert in hotel planning and design, brings this phase of hotel planning to life with a wealth of content backed by activities designed to help you apply these concepts in practical ways.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is appropriate for architects, interior designers, and hotel consultants interested in gaining an understanding of the challenges and considerations involved in full-service hotel design; owners/developers and construction managers for whom full-service hotels represent a new building type; and architecture students who want to develop a specialization in full-service hotels.

Topics Include

  • Identifying the early decisions that need to be made before planning specific parts of the hotel
  • Determining the needs and opportunities of a specific hotel environment and identifying the hotel functions required to support the target market
  • Assessing the proportions of space dedicated to major parts of a hotel and analyzing the relationships between various functional areas
  • Applying planning and efficiency metrics that will help to ensure the success of a project


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