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International Public and NGO Management Certificate

Credential Earned: 

Planning and evaluating programs and projects run by international organizations is particularly complex since the organizations typically must work indirectly with and through sovereign governments and other organizations. The increasing importance of these programs for national officials as well as international managers has increased the need to have staff well trained in results-based management, including evaluation, under these conditions.  

After a short introduction to basic concepts used in results-based management, the program moves to the creation and enforcement of international agreements and then to coordinating services and support at the global and country level.

The program delves into the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in the management of international programs and will teach you exactly how to make global objectives attainable and measurable. Ultimately, you will learn how to apply the methodological tools used in the planning of different types of international programs so that you can ensure you’re getting the results you planned for.

This program is designed for people who work in international public-sector organizations, NGOs, and nonprofits.


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