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JavaScript Programming Certificate

Credential Earned: 

The basis of web development, both front- and back-end, starts with a good foundation in JavaScript. Gaining experience in this simple programming language will enable you to substantially expand the functionality of your websites.

In this certificate program, you will practice fundamental programming skills and build web interactivity through the use of JavaScript. Beginning with a simplified visual JavaScript library called Blockly, you will start by constructing simple programs to perform simple tasks. As you build your skills through the use of more advanced code structures and techniques, you will write JavaScript to create a variety of interactive web elements, from forms to image galleries. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore how to streamline your implementations and expand the functionality of your programs with libraries and asynchronous programming. In order to take JavaScript beyond the web, you’ll explore progressive web apps and even build a rudimentary app that runs offline. Upon completing the certificate, you will have developed a strong grounding in programming fundamentals and be well positioned to advance your skills in JavaScript as well as any number of programming languages.

You will be most successful in this program if you have some familiarity with HTML and CSS.

The courses in this certificate program are required to be completed in the order that they appear.


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