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Pre-College Analytics and Spreadsheet Modeling Certificate

Credential Earned: 

In today’s accelerated digital age, data runs the world. Indeed, data analytics is one of today’s most rapidly growing careers — and a skill that can give you an edge in nearly any field you choose to enter. 

In this certificate program, you will learn effective methods to analyze data to make better, more informed decisions. Working with Excel as your go-to tool, you will answer real-world questions using spreadsheet functions, examine data cleaning methods to improve accuracy, and explore ways to manage data using Excel’s functionality to its full potential. You will get a chance to visualize your data into compelling charts and graphs to communicate your findings and make simulated predictions based on what the data reveals. Whether you’re managing the school charity drive or doing an internship, this program will enable you to develop the kind of invaluable skill set that will help you stand apart and contribute meaningfully to any group or team.

The program will follow a rigorous curriculum: 

  • Week One: Foundations of Data Analytics

  • Week Two: Using Data Analytics to Make Decisions

  • Week Three: Visualize and Communicate Data Analytics

  • Week Four: Making Predictions and Forecasts with Data        

The 4-week program includes the opportunity to join live sessions with Professor Haeger to learn more about how to apply key principles to solve everyday problems.  Live sessions will be held throughout the program on Mondays from 1pm - 2pm ET.  Throughout this program, you will also receive feedback on your discussions and projects from your course facilitator.  

By participating in the beta running of this program, you are also helping support a talented high school student from an under-resourced community.  Through a partnership with National Education Equity Lab, each purchase makes it possible for more students from communities hit hardest by COVID-19 to have access to this educational opportunity.


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