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Product Development Certificate

Credential Earned: 

You have a great idea for a product. So what’s next? 

In this program, you will learn how to bring a product from concept to market launch, becoming conversationally fluent in all facets of the product development and manufacturing process. Every great product begins with a prototype, so you’ll build one as a course project and use it to conduct customer discovery interviews. The information you gain from these interviews can then help you iterate your ideas and level up what you can offer customers. 

From small-batch manufacturing to large-scale production, the physical product development process is often complex. The courses in this program provide you with a concrete set of best practices and tools that you can download and use to not only complete assigned projects, but also deploy later in your own real-world product development process, such as a production techniques and materials handbook, Gantt charts to plan hiring and production stages, a design checklist, and a funding pitch deck. You will get a chance to virtually “visit” a plastic injection molding company near Cornell University and experience multiple interviews with manufacturing experts and product entrepreneurs. When you have completed the program, you will be well positioned to bring your product ideas to life.


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Center for Regional Economic Advancement
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