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Product Marketing Certificate

Credential Earned: 

Product marketing, or the process of bringing a product to market, is an increasingly critical role that sits at the intersection of the marketing and product management functions. For any product, navigating the nuances of effectively positioning within a given market and determining optimal pricing can be a daunting task — one that can make or break a launch. This certificate program gives you the necessary tools and tactics to make strategic decisions that will impact the growth and viability of your product, organization, or venture. 

You will begin by examining different strategies for evaluating the market and determining the value drivers of your target customers. You will have the opportunity to develop a plan for delivering added value to different customer segments as well as mitigating potential threats within the market. Next, you will practice assessing the opportunities presented by change and disruption, using tools to assess the challenges of a dynamic market as well as address potential internal obstacles to successful implementation. You will then take an in-depth look at market research. Practicing the evaluation of research methods and reviewing different applications of research within actual business scenarios are the focus of this course. The last course in this series will give you a foundation in pricing strategies that will allow you to maximize profit for your products. By the completion of the program, you’ll be better prepared to position your products for market success.


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