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Python for Data Science Certificate

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Data science is one of today’s most in-demand functions — and Python is an essential skill in any data scientist's toolbox. In this program, you will master the ability to analyze and visualize data in meaningful ways using Python to help solve complex business problems. Working with tools such as Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, and Pandas, you will have the opportunity to analyze real-world datasets to identify patterns and relationships in data. You will gain experience using both built-in and custom-built data types to create expressive and computationally robust data science projects. Finally, you will build predictive machine learning models using Python and scikit-learn.

To be successful in this program, it is recommended that students have some experience in analytics and programming, specifically with creating visualizations in spreadsheets.

The amount of time you spend on these courses will depend on your prior experience.  Since these courses are designed for someone with limited exposure to programming, you can expect them to start off with the foundations and then quickly move into more advanced and complex topics. 


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