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Senior Living Management Certificate

Credential Earned: 

The number of adults 65 and over is growing fast; it’s an exciting time for those interested in careers serving seniors. 

How can you be sure you’re meeting the needs of seniors and providing a superior experience?

In this certificate program, you’ll explore best practices for service excellence at senior living facilities. Through examination of case studies and industry regulations, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the current senior living landscape. You'll have the opportunity to utilize the principles of environmental psychology to plan senior living facilities that support health and wellness through informed design. You’ll implement the PPO (product, people, and operational conditions) framework to assess the needs of an organization and apply industry trends to create food service operations that align with the needs of a senior living facility. Throughout the courses, you’ll explore how process thinking can improve your senior living facility by creating a process flow document and formalizing an action plan for decision-making. Finally, you will practice assessing the quality of a senior living organization, identifying areas for improvement through research and applying quality management approaches.  

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