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Servant Leadership Certificate

Credential Earned: 

What is a leader? We often think of a leader as someone who is in charge of people, products, or processes. But what about the person on the team who everyone looks to when the boss is gone or when advice is needed? That person is a leader too.

Leaders can have formal power or responsibilities, or they can simply be a person of influence. Regardless of role, research indicates that effective, successful leaders are those with strong character and the ability to lead with courage, humility, and compassion. Fortunately, character is not something we are just “born with.” Character is something that can be developed over time. In this program, you will have the opportunity to explore seven dimensions of leadership that are associated with strong character through case studies and examples. You will also complete self-reflection exercises, assessments, and activities to initiate and continue the work of developing these character dimensions.

In addition to developing your leadership character, this certificate provides you with skills needed to enhance your credibility as a leader and consider the power of both perception and experience as you build a culture of service leadership.

Ultimately, you will take the first steps on a lifetime journey of developing the character that will enable you to be the best leader you can be.

NOTE: This program includes a copy of Amy Newman's ebook, Building Leadership Character (California: Sage, 2019). You will receive instructions about how to access the ebook when you join the course. If you prefer to purchase a hard copy of the book we suggest you do so before the start of the course. The book is available for purchase online or at other retailers.

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