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Sharks! Global Biodiversity, Biology, and Conservation MOOC


How do scientists study sharks? Join researchers on location in labs, aquariums, and oceans across the globe to learn about biodiversity, biology, and conservation of some of the most fascinating animals living on Earth – sharks, rays, and chimaeras.

In this activity‑rich course, you’ll track movements of a wild shark and examine topics in the functional anatomy, sensory biology, reproduction, behavior and ecology of many of the 1200 living species.

This is an exciting time to be a shark biologist.  An explosion of new research methods and technologies are leading to a surprising world of discovery. We’ll introduce new as well as traditional techniques for classifying sharks, understanding behavior, and unraveling the mysteries of shark evolution. You’ll be invited to explore global shark populations and consider shark-human interactions and their impacts on history and culture. You’ll be rewarded by your ability to see virtually any animal with new eyes. Practice thinking like a biologist while honing critical skills that can lead to broader observations about the ongoing history of life on Earth.

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