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Systems Design Certificate

Credential Earned: 
Whether you’re developing a software stack or engineering bridges, the need for leaders who can design, develop, and manage complex solutions and systems over their lifecycle is rapidly growing. Drawing on an interdisciplinary systems design approach that can be applied to any field, this program will guide you through the process of developing documentation for any system, from initial scoping through detailed design. You’ll learn to define the challenges you are trying to solve, define functional requirements, and objectively measure the value of any potential solution. After understanding the purpose, intent, and audience for the project, you will utilize fundamental systems architecture techniques to develop a deeper understanding of how all of the components of the solution work together. At the completion of the certificate program, you will come away with not only a practical understanding of how to meet the most stringent requirements for design documentation and manage risk across potentially complex projects, but will have a more profound understanding of the big picture, including how each system tool that you invest time in can provide the maximum benefit throughout the design process. Appropriate for engineers, technology leaders, and anyone with a desire to lead a product or systems design process, the concepts learned will help you successfully manage team interactions, client relations, and your own solutions architecture workflow.
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