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Design websites focused on the needs of users, striking a balance between form and function.
eCornell, Computing and Information Science
Transform your strategic capabilities to lead teams, initiatives, and change in your healthcare organization.
Elevate HR to a strategic and innovative organizational function.
ILR School, eCornell
Learn how to leverage big data in your marketing research to help improve your organization's bottom line.
Johnson, eCornell
Learn knowledge and skills needed to manage people and programs efficiently and within the bounds of government regulations.
College of Business, eCornell
Visualize the world as a photographer.
eCornell, College of Arch, Art and Planning
Give business leaders a foundation in legal concepts needed for success.
eCornell, Cornell Law School
Master counseling skills to drive behavior change.
College of Human Ecology
In this 5-course certificate you will master the skills needed to successfully plan and design a full-service hotel property.
School of Hotel Administration, eCornell